Gun ShowGun shows are an interesting way for people to figure out what is available and learn about new technology as it pertains to guns. At Old Dominion Gun Shows, we specialize in organizing various large gun and antique shows that are open to the general public. They are hosted in both Virginia and West Virginia.

When Are Shows Being Held?

To find out when a gun show will be in your local area, you simply have to check our websites and look for fliers, direct mail, or sign up to receive an email about upcoming shows. We also advertise in brochures, popular magazines, and more. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who wants to know about a gun and antique show, knows that one will be in their area soon.

What You Will See When You Visit Us

At our gun shows you will find guns of all types and ages. There are antique weapons that are no longer available on the market and newer ones that you can purchase. We have a selection of gun sights for you to try out and of course, the most popular rifle scopes. In short, there are many things to see and a lot of things to enjoy at our gun shows. As an added bonus, we also invite you to try out some of the things you see at our shows. This gives you the ability to pick out the best stuff for your future adventures whether you enjoy hunting or target practice.

Our Location

We are located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Woodlawn, Virginia is where we call home, but our shows are spread out all over the surrounding area. To learn more about what the show may have in store for you, check out the video below. It is from one of our most recent shows and will give you an idea of the excitement that is in store for you.

July Show:


Gun Show Shopping Sprees

gun showWhether you are browsing for a possible gun or just hoping to learn about new ones that are on the market, a gun show is a great way to go. You can learn and explore without ever having to take it home with you. There are also other items there and virtually every vendor on site is able to give you more information than your mind can hold. That is why there are so many people who enjoy going on gun show shopping sprees. However, you should venture out carefully and understand what you are getting into before you take something home.

The Things You Will See


If you are visiting a gun show that has a great reputation for being a big show, you will get the opportunity to see a lot of things. You may see demonstrations, unique knives, antique guns, gun safes, and a variety of other things. There may be toys and real weapons, airsoft pistols and AR15s on the same set of tables. There are some booths that will allow you to pick up different things so that you can see how the rifle and other things may feel in your hands. It is designed to be more than a show. It is an educational experience that you can share with your family.

Gun Safety and More

gun vendorMost all gun show booths will have people who are happy to sell their merchandise. This is great for anyone who has been in the market for an affordable weapon that they can trust. It is perfect for anyone who would rather not have a pawn shop cast off. The thing is, you need to make sure that you have a basic knowledge of the gun laws in your area. Can you purchase a gun at a gun show legally or are you required to still go through the legalities? This includes background checks and more. In some areas, you may find that there are loopholes for anyone who wants to purchase from a gun show. They are known as gun show loophole states. If you are not located in one of those areas, you could have to wait on your purchase. Therefore, before you go and while at the show, you should take the time to learn all that you can.

Know Before You Buy

If you are like most people, you want to have a weapon either to protect your home or feed your family. This means you do not need complications once you walk out of the gun show gates. If you are new to visiting shows, you need to check the laws in your area to see whether you can purchase guns from a vendor at the show. You may also use this time to find out where you can go to get target practice, where to find gun safes that you can pick up locally, and more. Taking care of all the potential issues before you venture to the show is a great way to get peace of mind. Then you can go on all the gun show shopping sprees you want.

Protect Your New Guns

gun showsPeople visit gun shows to learn about weapons and sometimes purchase them. They enjoy seeing what is available. New weapons, antique weapons, and weapons of all kinds. The thing is, gun shows and gun purchases can lead to other troubles if you do not put a little effort into protecting your family and friends. This means you should protect your new guns as well, which will also ensure that they stay in proper working order for many years to come.

Caring for Your Gun

There are some people who say that knives need to be oiled and sharpened if you want them to stay in “like-new” condition. There are also those who say that knives do not need anything more than sharpened. Guns have universal rules for proper care. They need to be cleaned and if you have an air pistol, they need to be oiled. They need to stay free of rust and soot. They should also be put into a storage area that is designed for them which will protect them and the people you care about.

Storage Cabinets for Your Guns

diy gun cabinetGun cabinets can cost a small fortune to purchase. There are cabinets and safes. Cabinets are a little more decorative than safes, but both can be usable. However, if you want to avoid the expense, it isn’t hard to build your own. There are many people who say that if you can build a base cabinet kitchen island, you can build a cabinet for your guns. In many ways, it is true. You will have knowledge of how to build a box that fits perfectly together. The main difference is; inside the gun cabinet, you may want to line it with fabric and add dehumidifiers or fans to it to keep your weapons dry and rust free. A great thing about knowing how to build cabinets is that you can build any type that you want. A cabinet for under your couch, one that doubles as a coffee table, or one that can be used as a kitchen island are all within your reach.

Other Things to Consider

gun safetyVisiting a gun show is a great way to learn about gun safety, but before you take home a new weapon, you are encouraged to have knowledge of how to use it. For some, this is easy because they already know and have perhaps used a gun for many years. However, a lot of people who attend a gun show are there simply to satisfy their curiosity. They may have a mild interest in guns or other types of weapons and want to see what is truly available. Those people may also feel that they are good to carry a new one home. The people who have never held a gun in the past, need to purchase a gun safe or cabinet for their home and immediately make plans to attend a shooting range where they can practice. The gun should be left in a cabinet for protection until that person is confident they can get to the range. Otherwise, a cool weapon could end up being a bad mistake.