Gun ShowGun shows are an interesting way for people to figure out what is available and learn about new technology as it pertains to guns. At Old Dominion Gun Shows, we specialize in organizing various large gun and antique shows that are open to the general public. They are hosted in both Virginia and West Virginia.

When Are Shows Being Held?

To find out when a gun show will be in your local area, you simply have to check our websites and look for fliers, direct mail, or sign up to receive an email about upcoming shows. We also advertise in brochures, popular magazines, and more. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who wants to know about a gun and antique show, knows that one will be in their area soon.

What You Will See When You Visit Us

At our gun shows you will find guns of all types and ages. There are antique weapons that are no longer available on the market and newer ones that you can purchase. We have a selection of gun sights for you to try out and of course, the most popular rifle scopes. In short, there are many things to see and a lot of things to enjoy at our gun shows. As an added bonus, we also invite you to try out some of the things you see at our shows. This gives you the ability to pick out the best stuff for your future adventures whether you enjoy hunting or target practice.

Our Location

We are located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Woodlawn, Virginia is where we call home, but our shows are spread out all over the surrounding area. To learn more about what the show may have in store for you, check out the video below. It is from one of our most recent shows and will give you an idea of the excitement that is in store for you.

July Show: